Are you implementing contracts for construction of expressways or motorways?

Local concrete plants don't meet your expectations due to technological and logistical reasons?

We handle contracts for concrete production using customer materials.

  • Concrete is produced with the help of a BHS Duomix 250 modern mobile mixing plant. The performance of the device is 220-250 m3/h, depending on the type of concrete produced.3/h w zależności od rodzaju produkowanego betonu.
  • The concrete factory is equipped with an automatic control system that manages and monitors the production at all stages, from weighing raw materials and chemical additives, to performing dosing control and mixing the ingredients and releasing the finished concrete mixture.
  • Thanks to the heating system, working on the basis of a mobile heating module/boiler room, the factory ensures heating of input materials and conducting the production at subzero temperatures.
  • In order to achieve full production performance, the factory requires a high capacity water connection. Since the possibilities of providing such a connection through construction sites are limited, the factory is equipped with a water tank enabling storage and ongoing replenishment during production.
  • The mixing plant of the factory consists of two twin-shaft DKX 3.00. mixers, working simultaneously during production, alternately dispensing the finished product onto the trucks.
  • The flexible material production and dosing systems allow for the efficient production of both road concrete, collected by trucks with semi-trailers, and ready-mixed concrete, collected by concrete mixer trucks.
  • The application of the mobile concrete plant enables production of concrete directly on the site of its embedment. It can be placed on concrete slabs with no need of special foundations. Its installation does not require obtaining any building permits. This is an ideal solution for construction sites, located at a great distance from stationary production facilities.
  • The significant advantages of such a solution are:
      • independence from stationary concrete plants on construction site
      • orientation on particular project, conditions of production and delivery
      • production of different types of concrete and quality control
      • quick response capability - the equipment is ready for production at any time
      • short supply routes - low transport costs
      • certainty of operation at any time of year
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